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ASIO Explore is a comprehensive inspection software designed to work seamlessly with the ASIO X drone. It allows you to analyze, and manage your on-site inspection data efficiently and effectively.

A video interface showing point cloud measurements being taken directly using the ASIO Explore software.

Measure Defects & Distances Using
LiDAR Data

Enhanced inspection efficiency & Informed decision-making

Enhanced inspection efficiency & Informed decision-making ASIO Explore harnesses the power of LiDAR data from the ASIO X drone to provide precise measurements of defects and distances. This enables quick identification and quantification of damage, cracks, and other anomalies. Spend less time manually measuring and more time focusing on critical repairs, ultimately saving time and resources. The detailed data allows informed decisions about the severity of issues and planning of maintenance accordingly. 


Informed decision-making & Improved safety and compliance

Easily identify and locate critical points of interest (POIs) for inspections. This feature allows marking and tracking specific elements such as valves, pipes, and supports, facilitating navigation and data analysis. Streamline the inspection workflow and ensure all critical areas are thoroughly examined by quickly locating POIs. Additionally, clear POI identification in reports fosters better communication and collaboration between inspectors and other stakeholders. 


Point Cloud Manipulation

Better communication and collaboration

ASIO Explore offers powerful tools for point cloud manipulation, allowing the visualization, analysis, and segmentation of LiDAR data in detail. Generate 3D models and extract valuable information for a better understanding of inspection environments. Gain a deeper understanding of complex structures and identify potential problems that might be missed in traditional inspections. This level of detail empowers informed decisions about repairs and maintenance needs, ultimately improving the safety and compliance of assets. 

Real Temperature Monitoring

Improved safety and compliance

ASIO Explore integrates a real-time temperature monitoring feature, enabling the visualization and recording of temperature data during inspections. This is particularly useful for identifying potential thermal anomalies, such as hot spots in electrical installations or insulation issues. Proactively identify potential safety hazards before they escalate into major issues. This real-time data can also be used to ensure compliance with thermal regulations for specific environments.

Customizable Report Generation

Better communication and collaboration

ASIO Explore allows the generation of customized reports that summarize the findings of inspections. Including images, videos, measurements, and other relevant information to create comprehensive and easy-to-share reports with stakeholders. Communicate inspection results clearly and efficiently with customizable reports. This transparency fosters better collaboration between inspectors, managers, and other parties involved, ensuring everyone is on the same page. 

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